Paintings, on Police Brutality

Milica Ružičić


Following the news all over the world about the different protests and demonstrations that were suffocated by the police, I realized that the violence of the state is pretty much the same, although the states themselves look differently organized. What I would like to suggest by choosing these scenes is the question: By whose interests are the police guided in these cases?

These news are visible but they are consumed fast and also forgotten quickly. That’s why I wanted to put these pictures in media of painting on canvas. Painting is a medium that lasts much longer than photos in the newspapers or internet, especially if they are sold and then hung on a wall by the owner. Using them as evidence I didn’t want to change anything but the background of each scene, which I left blank, symbolically unifying them. Titles of the paintings are the excerpts from the original news scenes are taken from.


Milica Ružicić; arts; police brutality; displacements; neoliberalism

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