Prisoner’s Justice Day: A Retrospective Montage

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This retrospective was compiled in anticipation of the upcoming 40th anniversary of that first strike at Millhaven, and it is by no means a comprehensive survey of all the Prisoners Justice Day related artworks, in fact there are many more significant pieces that we could not include at this time. However, we would like to contribute to the archiving and cataloging of these important visual histories, as well as strengthen the networks of those who continue to remember and resist, and we will definitely publish more abolitionist art in upcoming issues.

We are especially interested in oral, written and/or sketched histories & herstories of the movements against prison injustice (not only under/across the Canadian state). If you know of some work(s) that we’ve omitted, or there is something new or original which you’d like to see included in a future publication,

please get in touch with us at


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