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‘Art Through a Birch Bark Heart’: An Illustrated Interview with Erin Marie Konsmo

Erin Marie Konsmo, PJ Lilley


Erin Marie Konsmo is a “self-taught, community-engaged, visual multimedia Indigenous artist” who works with the Native Youth Sexual Health Network (NYSHN), based in Edmonton, Alberta...More @

For Radical Criminology,
PJ spoke with Erin in July 2013...

Thank you for taking the time with us, as it seems to me that the themes in your work overlap and carry through many similarities with the themes of our journal. Your work conveys strong images, life and death, the impacts of extractive industries, such as the tar sands’ environmental destruction heavy upon women’s bodies, contrasted the with the fierce beauty and strength of women in resistance, the struggle for life lived with full self-determination.


art; Erin Marie Konsmo; reproductive rights; Indigenous struggles; Aamijwnaang; toxins; pollution; environment

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